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July 9th, 2021

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Panic Mode is a casual simulation/strategy game about saving lemmings-inspired creatures known as 'Pammies' from dangerous disasters using shoddy crisis management tools. Respond to emergencies resulting from poor workplace safety to save Pammies from their own tragic incompetence.

In a world full of hazards, the "if it ain't broke" line of thinking has lead to quite a precarious situation. Instead of taking preventive caution like say, fire escapes, instead the only company on the planet decides to hire you as a crisis manager. Use the corporate-provided tools (oft comprised of dangerous materials themselves) to prevent imminent chaos and guide the alien species known as 'Pammies' to safety.

In each location an accident is bound to happen. First, set up your equipment in the space. When things kick off, use your tools to mitigate the calamity that would otherwise cause all of the pammies to perish. Save the pammies! Or don't; the company will keep you on as crisis manager regardless of your performance.


The idea for Panic Mode was initially conceived when project lead Florian Frankenberger visited a concert in an all wooden hall. “I asked myself what would happen if fire broke out now - and why the hell would anyone build a concert hall entirely out of wood?” This kind of logic is now the backbone of the Pammy civilization. Instead of taking preventive architectural caution like say, fire escapes, you as the safety inspector intern should crisis-proof all corporate properties to prevent chaos among the pammies, however the corporate provided tools are often comprised of dangerous materials themselves (e.g. like the overly-destructive Bomberator).


  • Behaviour: Pammies are fully simulated - they aren't smart yet but they aren't stupid either
  • Elements: A complex element system simulates how different elements react in a multitude of situations: fire, heat, water, smoke and ice
  • Tools: Crisis management equipment is one of the critical elements when it comes to saving as many Pammies as possible. Panic Mode features a multitude of tools and contraptions to (hopefully) help the player to limit the impact of the soon-to-happen disaster.
  • Objectives: While saving all Pammies in a level most of the time is the main objective, sometimes it is more important to save a specific Pammy or to deliberately make sure that a certain room burns down. Or to "burn the back office for tax purposes" - whatever the company requires you to do ...
  • Level progression: The player is set on a journey to become Pamperumpel Industries most valued employee by getting that valued title of Employee#1. By solving the mandatory objectives in each level, the player unlocks one or more fresh levels and new opportunities to save more Pammies.
  • Unique soundtrack: written & recoded by Olli Oja


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure." September 9th, 2020
  • "Nomination for best of show award." Hamburg Games Conference, March 16th, 2021

Selected Articles

  • "This gives me Sims 'holy s#%! there's a fire let's dance around it' vibes and I love it! Looks great!"
    - A lovely reddit user,
  • "What a fun game! I love this type of games that gives the user a nice and entertaining experience with a quirk little story in between that makes things smooth. [...] Clearly, the people behind this love what they're doing!"
    - G.Round tester,
  • "Resource mangament games are something I personally enjoy a lot, with Panic Mode you can experience that with a hint of a literally panic moments!"
    - Another G.Round tester,
  • "Yeah, I'm definitely going to watch them die."
    - One of our team, unfortunately,
  • "I've been closely watching the Steam page and I'm really looking forward to playing the game myself."
    - Anonymous employee of the ministry,
  • "Wuff"
    - Máni, the real CEO of MobiusCode,

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Panic Mode Credits

Florian Frankenberger
Project Lead

Timo Andrews
Project Manager / Scrum Master

Aurel Eppert
Lead Developer

Jaroslaw Sokolowski
Lead Artist

Ethan Grant
Lead Game Designer

Sebastian Heunke

Ilja Immler

Christian Dindorf

Fabienne Martin
Marketing & Social Media

Judit Vári

Fouzia Khan

Stuart Scargill
2D/UI Artist

Manuela Lehne
Trainee & Marketing

Olli Oja
Sound Effects & Music

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